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The dynamically changing legal reality means that the taxpayer may not be aware of some of the potential threats but also opportunities related to taxes.

As a part of our tax consultancy:

  • we provide day-to-day consultancy for entrepreneurs and accounting departments of companies
  • We prepare expert tax opinions and apply to the Director of the National Tax Information for interpretations of tax regulations
  • we advise on mergers, transformations and restructuring of enterprises – we help to choose the most favourable tax solutions
  • we represent taxpayers in proceedings and disputes with tax authorities, including those before Provincial Administrative Courts (WSA) and the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA).
  • We carry out tax audits (covering individual taxes or all activities of a company), we support the accounting departments of our clients
  • we prepare due diligence reports of the companies being sold/being bought
  • we advise on transfer pricing (we conduct audits and prepare transfer pricing documentation)
  • We help to settle income taxes, also in the more complicated cases (such as income from abroad, sale of real estate, trading in securities)
  • We organise tax law trainings for clients/accounting departments of companies
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